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Pawni A Pandey is a playback singer and live performer who’s been performing on stage since a young age (she was a finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs), so makeup is part of her daily routine. And taking care of her skin a professional necessity.

Recently, Pawni began looking for a mild formula to clean off the heavy makeup post-performance and for after-care. With so many cleansers, toners and face washes dominating the market these days, she was quite confused about where to start and what to try. That was until she read a newspaper article about Johnson’s Baby Oil being a great option to wipe off makeup. After a few trials and the purchase of a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Pawni hit upon the perfect combination.

Nowadays, the moment she steps off stage, Pawni cleans her face with cotton balls soaked in Johnson’s Baby Oil, which she says is so mild and light that it does the work and leaves absolutely no grease. On the contrary, it moisturizes her skin perfectly. She adds that the oil is especially good for removing eye makeup because unlike other cleansers, it does not cause irritation.

Johnson's Baby Oil and Baby Lotion are great skin care products, says Pawni Pandey

After she’s done with the cleaning, she splashes her face with water and then applies just a touch of Johnson’s Baby Lotion, completing her skin care routine.

Pawni certainly gives a thumbs-up to these two Johnson’s products which work for her because they are mild and light on chemicals, making it perfect for daily use.

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