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One can certainly say that 22-year-old college student Sanchit Podar did his homework before zeroing in on his latest buy. After comparing prices and features of earphones from Klipsch, Shure, Seinnheiser, Bose and Plantronics, it was finally the Seinnheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear Earphones that made the cut.


Why Seinnheiser?

As someone who rides a bike regularly, Sanchit wanted earphones that were comfortable and had a good grip. Klipsch, Shure and Bose were way over his budget and this wasn’t a buy Sanchit wanted to splurge on too much. The Plantronics earphones, on the other hand, were too big for his ears. He finally decided to go with the Seinnheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear Earphones, which turned out to be way better than he expected.

A Cool Case

The earphones do look good, but Sanchit really loves the case they come in. First for all, it’s waterproof. As long as your earphones are tucked in safely, you have nothing to worry about. A soft cushioned front and a quality zipper give it a great stylish feel.

Style & Durability

The earphones are pretty stylish themselves. The thick hardened plastic has a glossy finish and the Seinnheiser logo is prominent at the back of the ear buds.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the MOMENTUM In-Ear Earphones is the way it helps protect the wires. Watch the video to see Sanchit explain how the hooks at the earbuds and the audio jack – where the damage starts most of the time – help keep the wires secure. Which means you can hopefully say goodbye to changing earphones every few months!


Seinnheiser has a very user-friendly design. The volume buttons are strategically placed and in shapes you can feel on a casual touch. This makes these earphones great for use while travelling in stuffy trains and buses where it’s sometimes difficult to even move a muscle without knocking someone over!

Sound – The Ultimate Deciding Factor

The one thing Sanchit can’t stop raving about is the Seinnheiser’s sound quality – known for having a high treble and great clarity, the Seinnheiser Momentum earphones do not disappoint. Sanchit notes that the surround sound is simply amazing. Watch the review to see what else he has to say about the sound.

To top it all, Sanchit happened to land on a great deal on these earphones. While the Seinnheiser MOMENTUM earphones are available on online portals like Flipkart and Amazon for Rs. 6,800, Sanchit got them for just Rs. 5,800. You’ll have to watch the video to hear the story behind that!

Product: Seinnheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear Earphones

Price: Rs. 6,800 (approx)

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