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If you thought home décor accessories currently available in the market are driving you into a kitsch overdose, here’s a handmade pottery collection that’s far more subdued in design sensibility.

During my recent visit to Dhoop, a Khar-based home décor boutique, its Mitti Collection immediately caught my eye. This collection of handmade ceramic cups and bottles with Devnagiri scripted chai, kaaphi and paani etched on them, just border on kitsch without going over the top. I especially love the red script etched on the green cups which remind me of a BEST bus!

Kaaphi cup in the Mitti Collection at Dhoop

The bottles are definitely the most attractive of the lot, but at Rs. 295 each, it doesn’t hurt much to pick up the cups and glasses as well. Each of the items in the collection is priced at:

Chai Cup – Rs. 295
Kaaphi Cup – Rs. 295
Paani Glass – Rs. 345
Paani Bottle – Rs. 1,445

Chai cup in the Mitti Collection at Dhoop

This collection is not just fashionably rustic but durable as well. I was told that the cups and bottles are fired up in at very high temperatures, turning it in to stoneware, which is stronger than regular ceramic.

So you don’t have to be worried about chipping these beauties very soon, which is always a good thing.

Where: Dhoop, 101 Khar Sheetal Apartments, corner of Union Park and Ambedkar Road, Khar West, Mumbai
Contact: 6581 9351

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