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Reviewed by Sanchiit Podaar

A-year-and-a-half ago, I bought a laptop. And being the heavy user I am, I needed a wireless mouse to get things done smoothly. The options were many, but I went for the Logitech T400 Zone Wireless Touch Mouse because of one cool feature – it has a touch zone in the center instead of the traditional scroll wheel. What’s even better, it lets you scroll sideways as well. Amazing, right? This review is my experience with the T400 since.


I must say the size of the mouse is neither too big nor too small. It’s perfect for a person who browses a lot, works on Excel sheets and games a little bit. It’s comfortable to use over a long period of time.

Stuff I like about it:

It is symmetrical in shape, which is a boon for lefties
The sides are covered with rubbery material, which gives a really good grip
The buttons don’t make a loud clicking sound, another plus point

The bottom of the mouse has four grip strips, one power slider button and a battery compartment. This battery compartment also has a section for its receiver hardware, which I find useful; whenever I travel, I just push in the receiver and I’m ready to go.

One key point is that I’ve dropped this mouse many times and it’s still going strong without a glitch. Kudos to Logitech for making it so sturdy.


The T400 is responsive, although not as much as a gaming mouse. The touch part does disappoint me at times because it lags.

When you press the touch zone (only for Windows 8 and above), it opens the Start menu so I don’t have to reach for the Windows key on the keyboard every time.


With two AA batteries for power, Logitech claims a battery run of 18 months. It doesn’t last that long but it stretches beyond a year, which I’m pretty okay with.


I bought the mouse for Rs.1,200 from Flipkart, but if you Google the price right now, you’ll find the range stretching from Rs. 900 all the way up to Rs. 5,000!

The T400 comes in a few colours – black, aqua blue and a gorgeous red.

Now I know there are a lot of other options in the market, but I wouldn’t trade this with any of those because of the T400’s look, feel, responsiveness, comfort, and most importantly, the touch zone.

Product: Logitech T400 Zone Wireless Mouse


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