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The best time to have a protein bar, we were told, is right after an intensive workout because that’s when the body speeds up protein breakdown to make muscle. So we spent a day at a Mumbai gym to hand out chocolaty RiteBite Max Protein energy bars to gymmers right after heavy lifts and curls. Watch the video for their first impressions.

RiteBite Max Protein Energy Bars include 21 essential vitamins, 20g protein, 5g fibre and come in two surprisingly delish chocolate avatars – Choco Fudge and Choco Slim – that’d make you rethink the high-cal chocolate fixes for the occasional sweet craving. Yukti R Tuli, who is into heavy lifts and loves chocolate, says these are a far healthier substitute and she’d pick these energy bars over chocolate any day. Architect Vishakha Rani also finds this a great sweet option to Tang or fruit juice after a gruelling workout.

While Choco Fudge with 27g net carbs works for those looking to build muscle, the leaner Choco Slim with 14g net carbs is ideal for exclusive fat loss. They are also great time savers if you are between meetings or just not up to fixing a big meal. Sagar Mhatre says, “Rather than spending time boiling eggs after getting home, you can simply eat these bars on your way home.”

Review of RiteBite MaxProtein Energy Bars

Surahit Chawle, a pharma guy, compares the bars to protein shakes and says these energy bars come on top for higher fibre content and use of natural sugars (maltose-derived) as opposed to synthetic sweeteners like aspartame. He calls it a complete bar as it contains B Complex vitamins, fibre and protein — all in one quick snack.

2 Responses

  1. aayushi

    I disagree that Ritebite is a ‘good’ nutrient bar. I don’t know why everyone recommends it! Maybe becasue it’s cheap and easily available in India.

    RiteBite has protein and a lot of carbs, what you are looking for. If you want only that, then okay. But if you are looking at calories, protein and carbs through a HEALTHY source, then it’s not a good bar. It is loaded with sugar and has ingredients like Fructose, vegetable oil, some sort of invert syrup. UNHEALTHY! It is highly processed which isn’t a good thing for the hormones.

    There are other actually healthy energy bars available but maybe not in India and could turn out to be more expensive comparably.

    It’s better to eat actual dried fruits/seeds/eggs etc. after a workout. OR look up a recipe and make your own bars if you have the time and patience.

  2. Mayank

    Its not good at all. Full of carbs and sugar. I will not take it as a meal replacement bar. Stop fooling people.