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After my review of L’Oreal Tecni Art Spiral Splendour (reviewed here) three years ago (!), I had received quite a few emails and comments on social media from strangers, friends and my own sister – all equally distressed every morning by their wayward curls – asking me if the product really worked for me, would it work for them and where can they buy it from?


Well firstly, to clarify, if I’m writing such a glowing review about a product, of course it totally works for me! All my reviews, just like every other review on Real Reviews – are 100% authentic and based on my subjective experience of the product. I have to clearly state the latter because we sometimes get people who leave comments on our posts and YouTube videos doubting the credibility of our reviewers just because they express a viewpoint that’s different from their’s. But since when did reviews start to get equated with cardinal truth? Gosh! Cool it, people.


The Spiral Splendour Famine!

Okay, so that little rant aside, L’Oreal’s Spiral Splendour happens to be one of those special products that worked for every girl who’s spoken to me about trying it out. Some became regular users, just like I was.

Unfortunately, a little over a year ago, the supply of the product suddenly went dry here in Mumbai. This was when L’Oreal had changed the packaging of the product from the brown plastic container (that’s the one you see in my post) to the fancy white tube that it comes in now. It disappeared completely from stores for at least three months, after which it’s been difficult to spot the product at the beauty stores I frequent.


Left stranded in a mess of dry, untamed curls, I had no choice but to look for alternatives. I tried a few hair serums, like the Garnier Fructis Strengthening Long & Strong Serum and the Livon Serum (whose packaging looks confusingly like the cover of a glamour magazine), but neither gave me the structural support I needed for my thick curls. Flyaways were common and the smoothing effect would wear off in a couple of hours, leaving my hair frizzy by the same evening.


And then the skies parted…

Convinced that serums didn’t work for me, I began looking for a substitute with a heavier consistency. My brief foray into hair wax was disastrous. Sticky to use, the end result was as if I had taped fake curls to my scalp that hung low and exaggerated the roundness of my face. I needed something that gave my hair volume while keeping my curls intact.

It’s only earlier this year that I came upon L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Oil-in-Cream Oil Replacement Cream… phew, that’s a mouthful! Honestly, it was such an instinctual buy that I didn’t even know the full name of this product until I sat to review it. In fact, I didn’t even fully register that this is primarily an oil replacement cream meant to be left on overnight or before you shampoo, although L’Oreal does say it can also be used after you wash your hair. And that’s how I’ve been using it.




L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Oil-in-Cream – The Verdict

The result? Surprisingly, even better than L’Oreal TecniArt Spiral Splendour. Firstly, this L’Oreal Oil-in-Cream smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You’ll leave home with the same luxurious feeling as when you leave the salon. It may be a little too perfumed for sensitive noses but the intensity dies down in a few hours, leaving a very pleasant smell that lasts even the next day.

Another thing you’ll love when you use this cream to style your curls, is that it’s absolutely non-sticky. While Spiral Splendour is non-sticky too, if you use too much, your curls will get a visibly sticky look. With L’Oreal’s Oil-in-Cream, my curls look way more natural, even when I get too excited and use more than required.

To apply, take a good amount, rub through your fingers and then take bunches of strands and twist in an anti-clockwise direction (see the video here – same technique!). I then loosely tie up my still wet hair for about an hour- a big no-no if you read any hair blog but unavoidable when you’re late for work and have to use public transport – and then untie when I reach the office and let it dry naturally.



You will definitely need more of this product than Spiral Splendour but like I said earlier, too much won’t make your curls look sticky. Also, it helps that the pricing is far more pocket-friendly, so go ahead and indulge!

L’Oreal Oil-in-Cream doesn’t advertise itself as a styling cream for curly hair but it ticks all the boxes for me and it’s become a staple buy. An added bonus is it’s easily available at almost all beauty stores & supermarkets. But I always have an extra one snuck away in my closet in case L’Oreal decides to pull this one back too some day!

Freakily, I had posted the review of L’Oreal’s Spiral Splendour EXACTLY 3 years to this date! Must be an act of the hair gods!

Product: L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Oil-in-Cream Oil Replacement Cream
Weight: 100ml
Price: Rs.80



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