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While those with functional camera needs may feel more comfortable with compact cameras – if you’re one of them, check out our post about point & shoots with Nikon India’s Rohan Dhawan – there are those of us who may want to start exploring photography with a DSLR.

We spoke to Naveen Krishnan, Executive Technical Support, Nikon India, from the perspective of a first-time DSLR buyer. “The common notion that DSLRs give you good photos is wrong,” says Naveen, explaining that while DSLRs will give you technically better quality photos, unless you know something about framing and have a certain level of technical know-how, don’t expect to see a dramatic improvement in your photography.

Naveen believes the biggest mistake DSLR newbies make is buying a professional camera that they just don’t know how to use to its fullest potential. “You can only get a good photo if you are able to take control of your camera,” he says in the video. He recommends starting out with a beginner or mid-level DSLR and using the help of online forums and reviews to make a purchase.


When we ask Naveen to give us some suggestions for DSLR cameras, he points out that more important than figuring out which camera to buy – since even base models these days guarantee high resolution images – one must pay attention to lenses.

And a beginner doesn’t have to look very far since kit lenses are always a good place to start. Naveen recommends experimenting with the basic 18-55mm, 18-105mm and 50mm prime kit lenses. While the 18-55mm lens is versatile enough for both landscapes and portraits, the 50mm fixed lens is priceless for portraiture.

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