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Being a prolific baker and host to frequent house parties, Manisha Sharma was hunting for a sturdy, high-voltage food processor so she could run the machine for longer without it overheating.

She did check out many food processors but most of them were 700 volts which meant that prepping dough would be difficult as the running time required is at least 8-10 minutes. The other problem was that food processors from other brands like Phillips, Black & Decker and Bajaj didn’t have all the attachments she was looking for. If she wanted them all, she would have had to buy 2 different machines.

Kenwood was the only brand – and the Titanium Chef KM010 the one food processor – that satisfied all her requirements. Because it is 1400 volts, she can run the machine for 8 to 15 minutes. “The machine is so wonderful,” she says, “that she doesn’t even feel the machine is running, getting heated up or shaking.”

The Tools:
The KM010 comes with 20-plus attachments made of pure steel and are extremely sturdy. They are also easy to attach and remove. It has four power outlets, each optimised for dedicated tasks.

Slow Speed Power Outlet: Positioned behind a removable front cover, this outlet provides the perfect balance of slow speed and high torque to drive specialised attachments, such as the multi-food grinder and the pasta roller.

Medium Speed Power Outlet: Situated at the top of the machine, this allows use of the food processor attachment. This is unique to all the Titanium models.

High Speed Power Outlet: This outlet, situated at the top of the machine, allows for a variety of attachments to be used, such as the liquidiser and multi-mill.

Bowl Outlet: In addition to the four inclusive mixing tools, further attachments are available for use with this outlet, such as the ice cream maker attachment.

The best part about this food processor is that all power outlets can be used together. For instance, Manisha kneads the dough and grinds cinnamon together.

The KM010 is extremely sturdy, and unlike other dough-making machines it makes the least noise and does not shake while making dough. It also has international warranty.

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