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Hate running to the dry cleaner’s two days before the big day or even ironing in the last-minute rush to a party? We’d all agree looking good shouldn’t have to be an errand. Someone had to come up with a solution sooner than later, and in this case it was P&G & Whirlpool. They’ve co-designed Swash, a compact dry clean machine for homes that pops out clean, toasty garments – one at a time – in ten minutes flat.

Swash is a 53.5-inches tall, 54.5-inches deep and 16.5-inches wide machine that accommodates one piece of clothing that you can place on a hanger and slide into the narrow body. Swash is completely waterless and sprays on specially formulated Swash pods onto the dress to de-wrinkle, deodorise and freshen it – not clean it (these pods are not detergent). And at the end of 10 minutes, you have a nice smelling, clean-feeling dress that’s as good as dry cleaned. In case of extreme wrinkling, you can clip your garment to the smoothing clips at the bottom that stretch the fabric and even it out perfectly. Swash is good for a range of fabrics, from delicates to denims. 

Since it’s waterless and built tall and narrow, you can store it anywhere around the house. Available in Black and Beige colours – or Shadow and Linen – the device costs $499 plus $7 for each 12-pack of pods. Currently, Swash is available exclusively on at Bloomingdale’s but not on its India website. Learn more about Swash here.

Watch this video to see how Swash works: