HealthTips: Get Active to Boost Metabolism

Boost your Metabolism to Lose Weight

Articles and videos pertaining to weight-loss and diets often refer to dieting methods, low-calorie foods and exercise regimens. But no one really talks about metabolism, metabolic rates and their connection with losing weight or at least to keeping it in check.

Metabolism refers to the physical and chemical processes that happen naturally in our bodies in order to sustain life like breathing, tissue repair, digestion, the beating of the heart, thinking, laughing or really any sort of activity.

Tips to eat healthy and lose weight

7 Smart Ways to Fight Afternoon Hunger Pangs and Snack Healthy!

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you must be familiar with those extremely sharp hunger pangs that hit you around 4.30pm – 5pm. And there’s always some junk food stored away in your kitchen cupboard or temptingly displayed in your office pantry that is sure to throw your diet off track.

So here’s what happens – you stuff your face, wait for the guilt to surface, promise yourself tomorrow is the new first day of your diet plan and then repeat the cycle the next afternoon!