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Real Reviews and Ikonic Professionals, our contest partners, pulled off a hugely successful Hair Makeover Challenge at Jai Hind College’s Entourage 2014. The idea: 6 teams of two friends each create a winning hairdo using Ikonic mini blow dryers and irons. The winning teams take home the Ikonic travelling dryer-iron combo!


Winners of Ikonic Hair Makeover Challenge

Some participants were adept at styling, others absolute rookies willing to give the handy tools a try. All 6 teams created hairdos in 20-minutes each, also using the Ikonic curling tong for a professional touch. The activity generated so much buzz that we had to reluctantly decline a few participants for lack of time.

Ikonic Mini Iron and Dryer

Our winner, Alina, knew exactly what she wanted from the word go! The end result – her plain Jane friend looked something out of an English period drama, minus the corset. Alina won herself the perfect travelling companions from Ikonic Professionals and we’re happy to put them in the right hands! This video will give you a glimpse of the teams at work.

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