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Not every woman likes to or has the time to do up her hair before an evening out. When we asked hairstylist Sneha of Sanamz Spa N Beauty Home in Juhu to give us a quick hair fix, she recommended Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Upload Volume Cream, a product she uses personally and recommends extensively to her clients.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Upload Volume CreamThis cream can give flat hair bounce and volume without the use of time-consuming accessories like hair dryers or hair irons. It also gives your hair a wet effect, which Sneha says, lasts for hours. 

As she demonstrates in the video, all it takes is a drop or two of the formula on wet hair, a few quick scrunches and you are good to go. The dispenser nozzle ensures you use just the right amount of the product. 

At Rs. 700 for 200 ml, the product may seem pricey, but Sneha feels it all evens out as the bottle lasts for over a year. This product is only available at professional salons but we recommend keeping a bottle of this great product at home. 

Product: Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS Upload Volume Cream

Qty: 200 ml
Price: Rs. 700