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The 1970s was packed with oodles of boldness that cleverly maintained the balance between class and style. That’s why I love everything “vintage”, whether it’s a neckpiece, an umbrella or a skirt. And being a tad vintage in my purchasing habits as well, I’ve never bought anything off the internet. If I cannot touch it, see it and assess its value in my head, I won’t own it.

Retro Lady in Red Storage Tin from ZansaarHowever, it took only a simple home décor site like Zansaar ( to change this grandma-like thinking. It was the tiny picture of a Retro Lady in Polka Dots Storage Tin that did me in! It was love at first sight! I clicked and came across three other designs in the same range – Retro Lady in Red & Blue Storage Tin, Retro Lady in Black Storage Tin and Retro Lady in Red Storage Tin. All very chic, colourful and yes…very vintage!

After a bit of hesitation, I registered on the website and ordered all four!! I received a call from Zansaar immediately, confirming my order and within 3-5 working days, I had four gorgeous vintage tins on my kitchen shelf!

Besides the ease of ordering and the efficient customer service, I was also quite impressed by how Zansaar allows you to really get a good look of the product by rolling your cursor over it and zooming in. It’s probably nothing new for people accustomed to buying online, but for a newbie like me, it really helped to see what the product looked like up close.

Retro Lady in Red and Blue Storage TinBut I must say, the images on the website do not do justice to the lovely finish and quality of the tins that arrived at my doorstep! Reasonably priced at Rs. 265 per tin – the Retro Lady Storage Tin series from Zansaar is a huge hit with me! Now packed with yummy cookies and jam biscuits, they’ve become my favourite kitchen accessory!

Product: Retro Lady Storage Tins
Price: Rs. 265 per tin
Get them at:

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An advertising person, her strength has been the written and the spoken word. Beauty products, clothes & accessories, home décor & furnishings, arts (painting, pottery, and sculpture) have always been her interests. She’ll find her comfort nook in a vintage boutique as easily as she will in a swanky Burberry showroom. Not one to follow brands blindly – “quality above gloss” has always been her mantra.

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