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With 13 years of consuming cheese in all its forms behind them, our six adolescent boys were the perfect blind taste testers for our cheese slice face-off. The winner that emerged may have been expected – that familiar full-bodied taste of Amul cheese is embedded in our DNAs – but what we really wanted to see is how new entrant Farmella would fare in the test.

The saving grace of millions of boring school lunchboxes, cheese slices are a staple in every mum’s kitchen these days and the choice of brand is mostly dependent on what their kids prefer. In the video, our little experts dissected the taste of every cheese slice. Britannia was the least popular among the three brands, with reactions ranging from ‘it’s too thick’ to ‘it’s tasteless’ to a flat out ‘don’t like it’.

On the other hand, the little-known brand Farmella got a good reception with the kids commenting on the nice ‘tangy’ flavour.

Watch the video to see our cheese lovers do what they do best – eat a lot of cheese!

Amul, Britannia or Farmella? Which Cheese Slice will win?

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