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Hoping to inject some fun into our mundane lives is Its Our Studio, an online portal started by Samir Virani, that sells over 400 quirky products, some of which are actually pretty useful too!

We met Samir at the recently held QuirkShop where we asked him to show us his top three favourite products:

1. The Silibag – This 100% silicone tote bag imported from Hong Kong comes in a variety of bright colours and because of the material is very easy to clean. It is also completely waterproof which makes it perfect for the impending rains. Samir says the Silibag can hold over 20 kg of weight and is a limited edition product.

2. The Self-Stirring Mug – A stirring solution for hot beverages, this mug has a spinning plastic disk at the base that creates a whirling motion to perfectly blend your drink without the help of a spoon. All you need to do is juice up the mug with two AAA batteries. The stainless steel mug also keeps your drink hot with its snap-lock lid.

3. Canon Lens Sippers  – The perfect gift for photography enthusiasts who might mistake this mug for a real DSLR lens. But once the initial disappointment fades, they will come around to liking this little novelty product that would look great on any camera enthusiast’s desk. Nikon fans, please forgive us, they only have Canon Lens sippers for now!

Its Our Studio provides free shipping across India and cash on delivery. To see more products from their collection, visit their website.

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