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Five decades ago — in small towns and countrysides — the incandescent bulb hung solitary from the ceiling, fulfilling its merely utilitarian duties. Soon, it went into hiding, behind sconces and inside glass chandeliers. And even though a bare bulb is a rare sight today in modern homes, there are no real substitutes for its warm glow.

So, London-based interior designer Lee Broom borrowed the nostalgia of the tungsten filament bulb and cast it into equally nostalgic crystal whiskey decanters. He simply put a bulb inside old decanters with their bases sawed off, an idea that found easy resonance.

Eventually, the design evolved into something more basic — the good old bulb itself, but far more ornate. He commissioned an old UK-based crystal-making company to create individually hand-blown bulbs cases, worked on by craftsmen to create the classic crystal patterns on them. And he put in a warm LED light that would last much longer than a bulb. And that flash of light means you pay £109 for a basic Crystal Bulb and £189 for the version that comes with a brushed brass pendant fitting engraved with the Lee Broom logo – that is if you are in the United Kingdom.

The Crystal Bulb designed by London-based interior designer Lee Broom

A Crystal Bulb by itself is an intriguing piece of light fitting, not just for corners or inside lit glass cabinets, but for alleys, foyers, even along the walls — inside homes, shops or pubs. They can be bunched unevenly or hung standalone to complement any interior style and lend themselves to any number of visual combinations that create a nice play of light and shadows. It can adapt to minimalism or light up celebrations with equal ease. Think Big Fat Indian weddings. Or just a table lamp, without the shade on.

The Crystal Bulb designed by London-based interior designer Lee Broom

The Crystal Bulb fits any standard ceiling, wall or lamp fitting and is designed to last for life, or 4,500 hours to be specific. The detachable crystal casing encapsulates a G9 LED bulb that gives off the warm light and is dimmable as per mood.

Product: The Crystal Bulb

Price: $175 for a standard bulb without the brass pendant fitting and $275 with the brass fitting


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Photos: Courtesy Lee Broom