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Simran Ahuja has dry skin and has tried almost every high-end wax/stick/cream based foundation out there – Estèe Lauder, Kryolan, B&D – all of which she found lacking. Her friend Sharon, on the other hand, landed the right brand with her very first tube. In this video, both review the Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup foundation and compare it with one from Estèe Lauder in a patch test.

The Clinique brand impact came into play right at the point of purchase. The white lab coats, spotless white interiors, and a skin test to determine the right foundation type made Simran feel like she was with the experts. That the foundation recommended for her blended perfectly to give her a completely natural look came later. She was sold. Especially after having struggled with her cakey Estèe Lauder foundation that had her getting attention at parties for all the wrong reasons. Her patch test comparing Clinique with Estee Lauder makes that very believable.

Sharon agrees on all points. The well-lit store where all blemishes are clearly seen before the foundation does a fab job with covering them up without looking artificial. “It blends so well that you cannot make out the difference between my natural skin and my skin with the foundation on,” she says.

Product: Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup
Price: Rs.1900 for 30 ml

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