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Third time was indeed a charm for Trupti Roy who finally had wholly positive things to say about the last of the three fairness face washes she tried out for Real Reviews.

While Trupti didn’t expect any of the products to lighten her skin to any perceivable degree – given that she would only try each for a week – she was looking for a face wash to ease makeup removal, clean up her face and leave it feeling fresh.

However, after her experience with Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert in Week I which left dry patches on her skin and a very tepid review of Ponds Pure White in Week II, she wasn’t expecting much with Olay Natural White.

But Trupti was in for a surprise. Watch the video to find out what Trupti liked about Olay Natural White, the only product she says she will keep using now that the face wash experiment is over. One major plus point for her was that this face wash was water-based, instead of cream-based like the other two – a factor that ranks high on the list of people who live in a humid climate like Mumbai. Olay Natural White also helped her clean up the area around her eyes after she uses baby oil to remove her eye makeup (just like Pawni says in her video).

Also watch the video above to see Trupti’s final analysis of all three face washes. Thanks for your inputs, Trupti!

Real Reviews: Ponds Pure White, Olay Natural White and Fair & Lovely

Product Price Pros Cons Trupti’s Rating
Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert Face Wash Rs. 25/ for 20 gm Tan-removal Causes dryness 6/10
Ponds Pure White Deep Cleaning Facial Foam Rs. 140 for 100 gm Prevents dryness Does not clean skin, leaky tube, too pricey 7/10
Olay Natural White Face Wash Rs. 99 for 50 gm Water-based face wash, sturdy packaging, value for money None 8/10

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