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Maintaining flawless skin needs dedication. And the right, skin-friendly scrub is absolutely crucial! I have oily skin and finding an exfoliator that does not disturb my skin’s natural pH balance has always been tricky. Any cosmetic company worth its name has tried to hop on to the apricot-walnut scrub bandwagon but none of them come even remotely close to St.Ives. The latest is Boroplus with its “Gentle Exfoliating Scrub”.

This is my take on the product:

Packaging: A compact tube in white, purple, gold – Neat but not eye-catching.
Texture: Too thick. Very creamy.
Fragrance: Has the signature ‘Boroplus’ smell.

What worked for me:

  • Heavy creamy texture – good for even application
  • Exfoliates and moisturises the skin at the same time
  • Cleans away all the dirt and excess oil
  • Its travel-friendly packaging
  • Affordability
  • Easy availability

Real Reviews: Boroplus Walnut-Pine Scrub

What put me off:

  • The overwhelming signature Boroplus smell. No ‘pine oil’ fragrance
  • The big granules (I think walnut shells have been used instead of crushing the nut) – quite annoying
  • List of ingredients is not mentioned on the tube (why?)
  • Results are not long-lasting (might as well wash my face with an exfoliating facewash)
  • Skin felt soft – but not healthy and nourished, which was disappointing, since that’s what I go for in my skincare regimen.

So basically, a 50 ml Boroplus Gentle Exfoliator tube costing a modest Rs. 60 (introductory offer) easily available at all leading cosmetic stores and malls really has nothing substantial to offer. It’s fun to use it once but not again. Like I said, skincare is serious business, this one definitely doesn’t make it to my vanity case!

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