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We Indians love our Lotus Herbals sunscreens. And they come in so many types — right from SPF 15 to 90, matte to glossy to gel — that life becomes a little easier for those of us with combination or oily skin.

The Safe Sun SPF 30 Sunblock is deceptively thick; it comes out of the tube as a thick blob that you think might leave white residue all over your face, but actually gets absorbed in a minute and is not too greasy. But there is definitely minor chip-chip, despite the ‘non-greasy’ claim on the label. On the plus side, if you live in a humid place like Mumbai, it’s effectively sweat-proof. That means you’re covered for longer.

When it comes to protection, this sunblock does a half-hearted job for me. It saves my skin from sun damage — with its full spectrum protection — but not so much from the tan. Also, it’s waxy, giving my skin a translucent glaze and it smells a bit like wax too.

But here’s why I’ve been using it for at least three months now: it gives me just the right moisturization and decent protection. It’s not the best on both parameters, but at least gives you the good of both worlds, something few sunblocks offer.

It also does not cause acne, perhaps because it’s got black plum (or jamun) extracts which cut oiliness and prevent breakouts.

For someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, this gets a three on five.

Product: Lotus Safe Sun SPF 30 Sunblock

Price: Rs.240

Quantity: 100g