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Reviewed by Disha Bhattacharjee

Unilever recently launched the TRESemme range of shampoos and conditioners in India. I had used it about four years ago in the United Kingdom while I was living there. The shampoo helped keep my hair silky and smooth despite the extremely cold Scottish winters. So I knew I wanted to give it another try, especially with the upcoming Delhi ki sardi.

So the next time I was at my local supermarket, I picked up a 100ml bottle for Rs. 64. I think it’s cool that the company has introduced smaller bottles for people to try out without letting it pinch their pockets, especially considering it’s a new product on Indian shores.

Now I have shoulder length wavy hair which tends to get frizzy in dry weather, so I chose the “Climate Protection For Frizz-Prone Hair” which comes in a black bottle with silver and blue streaks. I did not buy the brand’s conditioner since I already use a tried and tested version from Schwarzkopf.

The first time I used the TRESemme shampoo, the results were not exactly great, so my hair remained quite frizzy. But the second time I tried it, after having oiled my hair, I’ve got to say the results were far better.

Although my hair was initially frizzy once it dried up after the wash, it settled down quite well during the day.

The TRESemme shampoo is also quite light and doesn’t have a strong smell unlike many other Indian shampoos.

Now while the shampoo fared much better on my hair in the UK, I must add I did not use the same variant of the TRESemme shampoo in India. Secondly, I do believe the climate in which you live makes a difference to your hair in general.

I have also heard the effectiveness of international shampoos depends on the places they are manufactured at. The TRESemme shampoos available here are manufactured in India and are not imported which explains the reasonable cost but may also explain the results I got.

Usually, I buy the Biotique range of specialist shampoos. I’ve also used products by Herbal Essence. But when it comes to the TRESemme shampoo, on a scale of 1 to 10, I can safely give it a 7.5.

I continue to use the other shampoos as well, based on how my hair behaves on that particular day!

Product: TRESemme Climate Protection For Frizz-Prone Hair

Weight: 100ml

Price: Rs. 64

15 Responses

  1. Suju

    I have straight hairs but they are oily when I do shampoo after 2-3 days it becomes oily.Can I use the Climate Control Shampoo for my hair or I should use the Smooth & Shine one??

  2. Disha Bhattacharjee

    The Tresseme Climate Control shampoo, by my experience, is suited for dry hair. Although I have had better results after oiling my hair, my scalp is essentially not oily. Smooth and Shine shampoos in general that I have seen are again on the oily side, since they are meant to control fizz and therefore smoothen hair. So given a choice between the two, I think you should go for the Climate Control Shampoo! 🙂

  3. gelish gossip girl

    I like to use Unilever beauty products. Since long time I’m great fan of this brand and for better hair, skin and body care I’ve found beneficial result using Unilever products. TRESemme is a very good shampoo and I’m using this shampoo for better hair protection. Thanks. 🙂

  4. joey

    hey i have the worst hair in the world.rough dry frizzy with split ends curled..have been trying straightening since i have semi curl n damaged hair..over the years,it has caused all the more i am just left with 1/3rd quantity of hair on my head..please help me out

  5. Real Reviews

    Hi Joey,

    So sorry to hear about the condition of your hair. We would love to find a way to help you out. Are you based in Mumbai?

  6. joey

    no.but i would like to know what al products to go for from shampoos-conditioner-hair oil..seem to have no control over d dry scalp no matter what i try

  7. Gagan

    i am 21 years old.i am getting bald is tresemme hair fall really works.
    pls help me

  8. Hamilton

    I have been using biotique products for hair and lotus herbal for skin . I am 4 months postpartum I want to try tresseme does it really work

  9. Real Reviews


    Unfortunately, we don’t have the expertise to recommend a product to you. But since you are in a postpartum phase, perhaps it’s better to stick with products you are already using than try out something new. There’s always time later for experimentation!


  10. bkholic_14

    Hi, so my hair isnt exactly dry but somedays it can feel limp and liveless and some days, approximatlet 2 or 3 days after showering my hair gets really oily and greasy… It can also become really frizzy because of the humid and unbelievably hot weather i live in, oh and it also, itfalls a lot, like a lot, exremely so, so extreme, i momentarily thought i had cancer… So ya, oh and its also black… These r the characteristics of my hair… Can anyone please help me and recommend a certain product?? Please???? P.s. I used lots of proucts, which might be one of the reasons my hair is falling so much… Currently i am using dove nourishing oil and its good, i really like it but it in no wat reduces the hairfall, and although it reduces the frizz a tiny bit, it is not enough, oh i also use loarel anti frizz serum and it did help lots….. So anyway, any way u can help????? I would really really appreciate it…, thanks!! 🙂

  11. Real Reviews

    Are you based in Mumbai? Although we can’t help you with a solution (we are not hair care experts, only a community of consumers), you can help others by sharing your story of fighting frizz and whether you feel products have really helped you in the battle. Let us know if you’re open to doing a video or blog post with Real Reviews.

  12. M Dey

    i have dry curly hair and due to chlorine water in swimming pool it’s becoming frizzy & rough. Please help. I used to massage hair with warm oil twice in a week. please suggest me a shampoo & conditioner, that will manage it perfectly.

    • Uttarika Kumaran


      Perhaps TRESemme Climate Protection For Frizz-Prone Hair will work for you as well as it worked for Disha!

      It’s available as both shampoo and conditioner at any beauty store.