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Oh, so Moroccanoil isn’t just about hair oil? Why is it so expensive? Why is it suddenly so popular?

If you’ve asked yourself or somebody else any of the above questions, you’re obviously way behind the curve and this post is for you. Real Reviews takes you through all you need to know about this brand that has suddenly become the holy grail of all things beauty-related.

What is Moroccanoil?

Moroccanoil is a brand of skin and hair care products created by Chilean-born Carmen Tal. It is made in Israel and today sold in over 35 countries.

As the story goes, Tal, a former Montreal-based salon owner, who had just had a disastrous hair color treatment, discovered the moisturizing properties of argan oil during a visit to Israel.

Argan oil is a plant oil product, extracted from the kernels of the argan tree that is exclusive to Morocco. The oil which is especially rich in Vitamin E, has been valued for ages for its numerous nutritive and medicinal properties. Once Tal discovered the tremendous difference it made to her own hair, she and her ex-husband decided to buy the fledgling Israeli company that imported this oil from Morocco (hence the name).

Why has it suddenly become so popular?

Moroccanoil was set up as a single hair treatment product six years ago but in early 2012, the company launched a line of 12 products for hair and skin.

Over the years, the Moroccanoil Treatment has been endorsed by various Hollywood celebrities at red carpet events like the Oscars – Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and top ramp models.

Here’s a TV report by CNN journalist Erin Burnett in June where she interviews Tal and delves into the story behind the brand.

In July, People Magazine listed Moroccanoil Treatment as one of the “Best Products Ever”. These reports and several other prominent media mentions in the U.S. has shot Moroccanoil’s popularity through the roof globally.

Are the products really that good?

I’ve recently started using the Moroccanoil Treatment for my hair and it really helps transform frizzy hair into something smooth and manageable within minutes. All you need to do is take a very small amount in your palms and work through damp hair after shampooing.

Perhaps the biggest evidence of the brand’s effectiveness is its word-of-mouth appeal. I was highly recommended the oil by a salon person after I got a keratin treatment done on my hair. Even my sister uses the same product. And every Moroccanoil user I meet has started using it after a personal recommendation.

Of course, some naysayers have highlighted the use of oleic acid (known to clog pores and therefore cause acne) and silicone as primary ingredients in several Moroccanoil products, thus pointing to the limited use of the expensive argan oil in these products despite a consistently high price tag.

Why are Moroccanoil products so expensive??!!

Well, mostly because argan oil is native to Morocco since the argan nut cannot grow in any other climate. And the production process is long and cannot be mechanized.

Also, the Moroccanoil hair treatment is actually really good as I mention above. The fact that it’s priced at Rs. 2,160 for a 100 ml bottle and is still selling fast just shows that others agree too.

Are there alternatives to Moroccanoil?

There are several other products that use argan oil but are just as harsh on the pocket. And among the cheaper alternatives suggested by beauty experts is our humble coconut oil. But somehow I don’t see coconut oil making a mention at the next Oscars red carpet.

MoroccanOil products are stocked by many posh salons in Mumbai, as at Rs. 2,160 for a 100 ml bottle, one can safely say that it falls in the premium category. However, there are stores in the city such as BeautyHub  which sell it for less and also offer free home delivery within city limits.

Product: Moroccanoil Treatment

Weight: 100ml

Price: Rs.2,160