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Rebonding and hair smoothening deliver us from frumpiness, and thank God for that, but that isn’t where all anxieties end. With treated hair come sure shot hair fall, breakage and split ends. Make no mistake, post treatment you are on path to using many, many specialized products just to keep your hair in absolute good shape.

Our last rebonding hair care video stopped at the very basic – an effective brand of shampoo and conditioner post treatment to maintain the look and keep the hair sufficiently hydrated. After that, we received a lot of queries on how to deal with hair fall and damage that many had not even anticipated. So this time, we asked Tabassum, Store Manager at Beauty Palace, Mumbai – who herself has treated her hair – to name two most effective and fast-selling treatments.

Hairfall Reduction and Regrowth

Her recommendation for hair fall are two long-winded but popular treatments – both from the same parent brand L’Oreal – which also promote regrowth – L’Oreal’s Aminexil Advanced and Matrix Biolage Scalpthérapie anti-hair loss tonic that you use on clean scalp every alternate day – 42 ampoules in all. Watch the video for directions on how to use these ampoules.

Real Reviews Video on Loreal and Matrix treatment for post-rebonding hair care 

Product: L’Oreal’s Aminexil Advanced
Quantity: Rs 6ml*42 ampoules
Price: MRP: Rs. 6,100
Beauty Palace Price: Rs. 5,500

Quantity: 6ml*10 ampoules
Price: MRP Rs. 1,750

*The 42-ampoule pack works out way cheaper than a pack of 10.

Product: Matrix Biolage Scalpthérapie
Quantity: 6*10ml
Price: MRP Rs. 825
Beauty Palace Price: Rs. 660

RealReviews video on hair treatment: Matrix Masque and Cera-Vital Repair Treatment 

Hair Breakage and Split Ends

That was about the hair roots; to repair and strengthen the strands, Tabassum names Matrix Biolage Fortethérapie Cera-Vital Repair Treatment, which is a box of 6 tubes, and Matrix’s Strengthening Masque. Follow the video for use directions.

Product: Matrix Biolage Fortethérapie Cera-Vital Repair Treatment
Quantity: 6*10ml

Price:  Rs 410
Beauty Palace Price: Rs.349

Product: Matrix Strengthening Masque
Quantity: 490 gm
Price:  Rs. 470
Beauty Palace Price: Rs. 400

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  1. Meher sheikh

    Its really true
    but one thing u r looking so young n really beautiful pretty
    luv u tabbassum keep it up

  2. mili

    product is nice and the lady who explained that product benifits are awsome………..

    she is very prity & cool!!!!!!!!!!:p:p:p:p:p

  3. jerrylacon

    Does this product really work? All these products are of no use and they have many side effects. The best way to fight with hair fall is use of coconut hair oil and doing regular yoga’s.
    click here for more

  4. Real Reviews

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, we agree the best way to maintain healthy hair is through regular exercise and a proper diet. But hair rebonding involves a heavy use of chemicals and can cause considerable hair damage that will not respond to home remedies using natural ingredients. In such cases, professional hair products help hundreds of women prevent further damage to their roots. While we cannot vouch for the effectiveness of these particular products (we have user video reviews for that), the fact that they are the most popular buys at the store probably hint at the fact that they work to some extent!