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I’ve been using this egg separator manufactured by the Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon for over a year now. My husband bought it in Hong Kong for $32 (roughly Rs. 2000). I feel the thoughtful design makes it a must-have and complete value for money for prolific bakers or anyone fond of egg white omelets.

Why? Because separating eggs with it is fast, clean and easy. For me, it means no dirty hands and unnecessary contact with eggs. It isn’t a handheld device; it is a set of two storage cups hinged together with a sieving cup. The jars are color-coded — the white one for whites and the yellow one for the yolks. The yellow container is slightly smaller than the white so that the yolk falls into it easily when the cup is flipped over. Each jar comes with a lid, so you can just put it on and store away your whites and yellows in the refrigerator. Watch this video to see how to use the egg separator.

Further, the white container has measurement units marked in cups and ounces that come handy when making white cakes or chiffon cakes. The inside of the lid has a wave-like projection that helps mixing whites in the container itself. It does a pretty good job of it, even though I haven’t tried whisking whites for meringues in it. But do make sure the container is no more than half full to avoid any mess from a spillover.

Like that wasn’t enough thought gone into making such a simple kitchen tool, the red hinge with the separator cup has a sharp edge to crack the eggs. Once you crack the shell, the white part slides out of the cup while the yolk stays cradled in it.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it works the best with fresh eggs and preferably cold ones. The old stock yolks break as they touch the separator and get mixed into the egg whites, which is something you won’t want when making meringue and soufflés.

Product name: Kuhn Rikon Egg Separator
Price: $32 (roughly Rs. 2000)
Available at: The Kuhn Rikon Egg Separator is available on Amazon.