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There’s always room for improvement and that’s why the relentless folks at Zoom have bettered the H4N recorder we’ve reviewed earlier with the 6-channel H6 that promises better gain and clarity. In this video, we go over the main design changes – the sound review will follow soon.

In the first major departure from its predecessor, the H6 has detachable XY mics which are bigger & sturdier. These can be replaced with the Mid-size mic that are actually two mics – one on top of the other – rolled into one and selectively captures directional sound. Zoom has increased the number of XLR jacks from 2 in the H4N to 4 – two on the left and two on the right. So all input lines total 6!

Also, each line has a dedicated gain control knob on the face of the recorder – where the screen earlier was. The display has shifted down to the tapered bottom. The device uses a Micro SD card that goes into an SD adapter.

Overall, the build of the Zoom H6 is sturdier, the recorder is heavier and as for our other observations, stay tuned for our next video that compares the H6 with the Zoom H4N.

Unboxing: Zoom H6 Portable Audio Recorder

If you’re in Mumbai, you can pick up the Zoom H6 at Shalu Music House at Fort for Rs. 28,000.

The complete address:
138, Mahendra Chambers, D.N Road,
Fort, Mumbai-400001
Tel.+91 22 2207 6815/6041/2205/4030