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Among the most vulnerable moments in a woman’s life are those she spends in an uncomfortable chair, fingers twiddling nervously behind a white cape that’s just a tad too snug at the neck, hair washed and combed into submission, ready to be sacrificed at the altar of a stylist’s indecipherable gaze. We know we’ve all said yes to trying out products and hair styles outside our budgets and comfort zones in this particular state.

It’s even worse when, like me, you have unruly, curly hair that adamantly refuses to yield to standard practices of oiling, shampoo and conditioning, choosing instead to exist in a schizophrenic limbo of frizz. Yet every time I get my hair trimmed – there’s not much ‘styling’ that can be done to curly hair that you want to grow out – I hopelessly want to believe that the products the stylist recommends will somehow magically resolve all my hair issues in one brilliant stroke.

It never works. My hair continues to stay frizzy and dry. Hair spas are very temporary solutions and I’ve yet to find a woman with my hair type who hasn’t felt cheated after opting for a hair spa or two.

Know how to use it

But recently I was recommended a product that’s come pretty close. Close enough to make me love showing off my curls, instead of bunching them up into a nondescript bun.

The magic of L’Oreal Tecni Art Spiral Splendour (Force 2) lies mostly in its application. Firstly, it HAS to be applied to wet hair. It’s recommended that you use a hair drier or diffuser but if you can’t be bothered, here’s a neat trick my stylist showed me. Take a little amount of the product, rub it into your fingers and use a finger to twist sections of your hair – thin sections if you want smaller curls or thick sections if you want a thick wavy look. Then just leave to dry. Don’t fiddle around with the hair once you’ve twisted and curled. Try not to tie your hair because it will flatten the curls. And for a change you won’t want to because your hair will look fantastic! (See the video above for two techniques of applying the product)

If you already have natural curls, this product will make them well-defined and your hair won’t feel weighed down. If used generously, the product removes almost all traces of frizz without making your hair look sticky and gelled.

Not a permanent solution

Apart from the great results, I like that L’Oreal Tecni Art Spiral Splendour doesn’t make any false promises. Although it contains ingredients like coconut oil and wheat proteins, the product doesn’t claim that prolonged use will give you light, bouncy hair forever and you’ll never see a frizzy hair day again. This product only gives you a cosmetic solution. But when your hair looks this good for the first time in a decade (no exaggeration!), you’ll take it happily.

This L’Oreal product is not going to make your hair healthier but it will be your most loyal companion while you’re searching for a more permanent solution (umm, let me know when you find one). It’s worth every rupee, the 100ml bottle will last you for about 2 months (on medium-length hair) and you will, for once, NOT regret you tried a new product.

A MUST-TRY if you think you’re forever trapped in the universe of obstinate curls and frizz. It will take a load off your head – quite literally!

Product: L’Oreal Tecni Art Spiral Splendour
Price: Rs. 550
My Rating: 5/5 (It’s excellent!)

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