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Here in India, we are so accustomed to the regular squeeze-between-the-stainless steel pods variety of lemon juicers that we automatically reach out for them at the store. But there really are many other kinds that are more efficient to use. I found one recently during my visit to Home Stop, Shoppers Stop’s home and kitchen accessories store. It’s called the GRIP-EZ Citrus Reamer from the brand Norpro.

I picked it up because, honestly, I just liked the way it looked – the head made of white porcelain with a black silicon handle. When I got home, I set out to make green tea with lemon to quickly put my new find to use.

I was surprised by how easy it was to use and the fact that it juiced beautifully! But I felt the need to do some more testing to justify my fairly expensive impulse buy – it costs Rs. 600 – because the first trial was for a small amount of lemon juice. So I made lemonade that required more juicing.

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What I Liked

This Citrus Reamer really is a breeze to use. No wastage or straining of my hand and fingers, thanks to a fairly large silicon handle with indents that prevent slippage.

With my previous lemon juicer, the last bit of squeezing would really strain my hands. But this one extracts every last drop of juice without much effort. Watch the video to see a comparative demonstration between traditional juicers and the Cirtus Reamer. Also, since it has no deep grooves and folds, it is easier to clean than traditional juicers. So I would rate it high on hygiene.

The Reamer works equally well for oranges and limes. It saves the trouble of pulling out, plugging in and cleaning a citrus juicer if you are juicing only one or two citrus fruits at one time.

What I Don’t Like?

It’s expensive! The Citrus Reamer costs Rs. 600, which is way too much. Also, when juicing the lemon, the pips fall into the juice unless you use a sieve, in which case you lose the pulp and some of the volume.

And though everyday porcelain ware is quite durable, I am not sure about the product’s lifespan because it is made of porcelain.

Product: GRIP-EZ Citrus Reamer
Price: Rs. 600

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