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The mango fiends that we are at Real Reviews, mango withdrawal in the rains led us in search of alternatives at the supermarket.

Our mental taste buds conjured up mango lassi when we saw Real Activ Drinking Yoghurt – Mango. The ‘99% fat free’ and ‘Contains Calcium and Protein’ labels promoted the health factor much like the TV ads have. Everything was pointing towards a wholesome, healthy drink.

What we tasted was something entirely different. When you pour the drink into the glass, the milky consistency and non-synthetic looking color seems promising. But the very first sip churns the stomach.

For one, it’s extremely sweet. That’s because this ‘drinking yoghurt’ is basically a blend of fruit pulp, fruit juice and yoghurt. I’ve never thought of adding fruit juice to my lassi and as always, instinct trumps any cleverly marketed ploy. You’re not missing out on anything by not drinking this juice-yoghurt blend, except maybe diabetes. With a whopping 12.3 gm of added sugar, this drink is certainly not ‘healthy’.

Real’s next claim is that it’s filling. Well, that is true. A few sips and the sugary sweetness makes you feel filled up pretty soon. The only time I was glad to see this product sitting in the office pantry was when I had to rush out for a meeting without lunch and two swigs of it kept me satiated for the next two hours.

Third claim – It’s tasty. Umm, we didn’t think so. There’s also a strawberry variant but we’re not tempted to try it.

Product name: Real Activ Drinking Yoghurt – Mango
Qty: 1 litre
Price: Rs 105