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For a long time, I’ve had long, thick, jet-black hair. Maintaining its lustre and health has always been an uphill task and herbal oils, mild shampoos and conditioners have all been part of my intensive hair care regimen.

However, over the years, my hair has been subjected to stress, post-pregnancy changes, shifts in weather and dandruff. Hair colours and ironing haven’t exactly helped matters either and I’ve been generally cruel and negligent towards my hair, much to my mother’s ire and heartburn! Over the years, the quality and texture of my hair has changed, becoming brittle and weak, leading to hair loss.

In my last post, I talked about how the Cheryl’s Anagen Stop Hairfall Homecare Kit helped me stem my premature hair loss. But I was still in search of a regular shampoo-conditioner that would make my hair feel soft and healthy after every wash.

I had read and heard a lot about L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Shampoo but I’ve never been much of a L’Oreal fan. However, after some positive feedback from friends, I decided to put my reluctance aside and give it a try! L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo is a sleek, golden bottle with its “mythical” font and shiny design. I admit it stands out quite well in the bathroom among a plethora of other products. The bottle pump is solid with a broad mouth that allows a plump enough droplet of shampoo that is adequate to wash short to shoulder-length hair. Longer hair would need a little more.

L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Shampoo is weightless, transparent and has an absolutely divine fragrance. Next, it lathers quite well and feels very light on application! Add a bit of water and it lathers even more!

This shampoo balances the hair’s natural oils by gently cleansing and reducing oil secretion at the roots, so that your hair is left feeling clean, soft, supple and brilliantly shiny. With an inherently oily scalp, my hair tends to attract grime and the scalp feels heavy quite rapidly. So the paraben-free L’Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo works well for me. Its key ingredient, Argan Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3, is easily absorbed into the hair to deeply nourish and provide control. It also contains Cotton Seed Oil which is naturally light-weight, creating an extremely soft and weightless finish. My hair felt feather-soft, buoyant and luxurious, and looked positively salon-styled!

What I love most about this shampoo is I can smoothly run my fingers through my hair without any tangles to break the flow. This eliminates the abrupt yanking of hair roots, thereby shocking the scalp with shards of pain and minimizing hair loss. And L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Shampoo works like a conditioner if I dare say so! It’s brought in amazing smoothness and manageability, and I’m tempted to try the shampoo paired with L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Conditioner just to feel extra fabulous about my hair.

Priced at Rs. 750, L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Shampoo more than makes up for this steep price in every way, so I’m not cribbing. In fact, fingers crossed – I can’t wait to try the shampoo + conditioner combo!

Every woman – literally, every woman – knows that the importance of a good hair day cannot be more stressed upon. L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Shampoo makes the likelihood of that much higher.

This shampoo is suitable for all hair types and its lightweight formula allows for daily use.

Product: L’Oreal Mythic Oil Shampoo

Price: Rs.750

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