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Third-year graduation student Anmol has poker straight hair she likes to wear down, even on muggy Mumbai days. Protection and maintenance of her hair is, naturally, important to her. Thanks to good genes, the choice of shampoo is not something she spends much thought on but leave-on serums do become a matter of comparison.

In this video, Anmol compares the more visible retail brand Livon with the less advertised salon product, the Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening Serum. Since Anmol travels daily by public transport to college in heat and humidity, hair tangling is a concern that if ignored, leads to breakage and hair damage. On several counts, as she reviews these 2 products she has been using for over three years, Matrix is a clear winner.

Matrix Biolage Vs Livon Hair Serum

First, Matrix did not leave the hair looking oily and sticky the way Livon did. Secondly, she had to use a much lesser quantity of the Matrix serum to detangle her hair. Thirdly, the effect of Matrix lasted, as she says in the video, from 9 am to 9 pm, whereas Livon did not. Overall, she says, she’s happy with Matrix and has stuck to it.