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When it comes to looking beautiful, women are willing to put themselves through any torture to grab eyeballs and attention… waxing is one such hell. Never mind all the reservations women have towards using razors. Over the years, I’ve realized that shaving is a far better option.

For me, one-time single blade razors have resulted in numerous nicks, cuts and razor marks. Gillette Venus Razor with its soft rounded edges and smooth gliding is a much awaited and welcome change for every woman who favours a quick shave! Can you hear the sighs of relief and pure elation?

Fed up with having to dispose a razor after using it once or twice, Gillette Venus Razor is an answer to my prayers, standing true to its claim of ‘Just one stroke for a close shave and silky smooth skin’.

The Gillette Venus is a basic 3-blade razor with a blue, translucent plastic body, an ice-blue rubber handle for a firm grip, an angled neck and a very flexible but sturdy spring-loaded head. Its key features are very clearly depicted on the back of the pack. The ‘three blades surrounded by soft protective cushion’ are pure genius because they gently glide over the skin making possible the smoothest and cleanest shave ever!

The razor’s pivoting rounded head helps angle the razor just right, so that you get cut-free smooth skin in one simple glide. The soft grip handle is perfect for no-slip control. And the light blue perforated indicator strip made from Aloe Vera & Vitamin E buffers the skin from nicks and prickly blade marks, giving a softness that I find quite unparalleled! There would be no hair missed and certainly no double takes required. Quick, smooth and hassle-free, it all works hugely in Gillette’s favour!

After my first shave, I ran my hand over my leg and didn’t feel any bumps or prickly ingrown hair. Such butter-soft smoothness!! It’s really the most amazing thing ever… and one look at my smooth legs and I couldn’t tell if I had waxed or shaved!

This is just my first encounter with the Gillette Venus Razor and at the risk of sounding like a TV commercial, I seriously doubt a woman’s razor can get any smoother than this. With refill cartridges available in packs of four and eight and used along with the Satin Care Shave Gel, Gilette seems to want to sort out my shaving needs for life!

Too bad I can’t pick among the various juicy-coloured, scented and moisturizing razors showcased on the Gilette Venus US website. But c’est la vie! I’ll make do with the Gillette Venus Original Razor for now but hope this amazing range becomes available in India very soon.

Highly affordable at Rs. 199, the Gillette Venus Razor doesn’t quite strain the purse strings. Priced at Rs. 450 and Rs. 850 respectively, the packs of 4 and 8 blades are also easily available. The Satin Care Shave Gel is sold at Rs. 225. I admit that all put together it feels like quite the splurge. However, the importance of a good razor and skin-friendly auxiliary products cannot be more stressed upon and hence, the whole Gillette Venus kit makes it worth the indulgence.

Product: Gillette Venus Razor
Price: Rs. 199

Product: Gillette Venus Original Refill Cartridges
Price: Rs. 450 (for a pack of 4 razors) / Rs. 850 (for a pack of 8 razors)

Product: Gillette Venus Satin Care Shave Gel
Price: Rs. 225

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