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Trying to conceive or trying not to? Just want to be prepared for that horrible stomach cramp? Now we can consult our smartphones.

It’s the information age and there is a small computer in the palm of everyone’s hands. So it was only a matter of time that information about menstrual cycles would move from our heads and secret journals to the handy smartphone.

Not tracking your cycle? Well, you should probably start, since it’s a good way to keep track of your health and pass on this information to your doctor if the need arises.

Here are two interesting mobile apps that help you track your menstrual cycle.

They’ve been rated for:

1. Privacy of information – Whether you want this information to go live, be stored in a cloud or be gone forever when you delete the app.
2. Ease of use
3. Features

Free Menstrual Calendar (FMC)

As the name says – Free Menstrual Calendar is a free app.

Once downloaded, it shows up in your phone as “FMC” with a windwheel icon. So anyone casually glancing at your phone won’t know that it is, in fact, your period tracker. You can also set a privacy code in Settings, so anyone opening the app can only get into it using a code.

What’s great about this app is that besides period dates, it also helps you track several other symptoms, such as headaches, bloating and irritability. The app also lets you record other optional data that matters to you. Say, if you are trying to conceive, you can store data about cervical fluid and basal body temperature.

Some other points to mention:

1. As soon as you get into the app, it tells you which day of the cycle you’re at and how many days there are to your next period. All the data lives locally and is deleted when you delete the app.

2. Alternatively, you can sync the data to FertilityFriend after signing up. But to use the app itself, you don’t need to create an account or log in etc.

3. Sometimes the app is not intuitive and doesn’t have the most fabulous screens or anything like that. But it does its job well once you learn some of its quirks.

Overall, a good app! And if you’re trying to conceive, the sync to FertilityFriend will be very useful.

Final Verdict:

Privacy – 5/5
Delete App. Delete Data.

Ease of Use – 3/5
Screens could use some polish, but they do their job.

Features – 5/5
Got everything we need.

Download Free Menstrual Calendar from the App Store.

Glow can send you push notifications reminding you to take your basal body temperature or upcoming cycle events


Glow is also a free app. The user screens are much more polished and attractive. Very smooth.

After downloading Glow, you’re asked why you’re using it – to conceive, to avoid conceiving or just for general health. This is followed by a series of questions and then you have to sign up. You cannot use the app without signing up.

Much like the FMC app, you can key various details of your period days, symptoms and other fertility information.

Some points to mention:

1. The user interface is way smoother, but it has the opposite problem of features overload! So many things to explore in this app! There are also message boards you can participate in and add your pictures.

2. If you’re trying to conceive, you can even get Glow to send an email to your spouse so that he can download the app as well and be updated on your fertile days.

3. And Glow can send you push notifications reminding you to take your morning temperature (if tracking basal body temperature) or upcoming cycle events.

4. You need a login to use Glow, which means data lives in a cloud.

Final Verdict:

Privacy – 3/5
You need a login, which means data lives in the cloud.

Ease of Use – 3/5
Pretty good screens, but we got lost in the features.

Features – 3/5
Could there be such a thing as too many features?

Download Glow – Period Tracker from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Preethi is founder and CTO of Indian Moms Connect (IMC)About the author:
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