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The geek appeal of manual tinkering is swiftly filling up the gaps in iPhone imaging that so far dealt in custom filters and auto presets. Just days after the VSCO Cam made manual ISO, shutter, white balance and focus a possibility comes Manual, an app that makes matters more pro.

Not like iPhone pics aren’t great as they are, the maker of Manual cites this as the app’s raison d’être in a video on their website, “This is an amazing camera… but sometimes, it can be f****** stupid,” says co-founder William Wilkinson just before tossing his iPhone over his shoulder. He says he was fed up with “tricking camera apps” into taking photos he wanted.

Manual, like any DSLR, gives you control over shutter, ISO, white balance, Focus and exposure bracketing and displays a histogram, EXIF info and a Rule of Thirds grid. It also offers Fill Flash (Flashlight) Mode and Light and Dark Themes.

Online talk suggests the app isn’t for absolute beginners: The Verge writes:

“The app’s controls are tiny and difficult to handle — the price you pay for on-screen controls that don’t obscure your shot — and taking a good shot is actually hard if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.”

You can download Manual from the App Store for Rs.120.