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French dermo-cosmetic brand Avene has launched Avene Cleanance Range, which includes three new products containing the patented Glyceryl Laurate. This sebum-regulating active ingredient has been specifically developed for cleansing and moisturizing oily skin, says the company press release.

The new range has been launched right in the middle of the Indian monsoon, since it’s a time that humidity is high and cleansing becomes doubly important. The three products make up a three-step process in the following way:

1. Cleanse with Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser: The soap-free and paraben-free gel is meant to gently cleanse and purify the skin and prepare it for the next step – treatment. This cleanser can be applied on the face and body and rinsed off.

Price: Rs. 1,100 (200 ml)

2. Treat and eliminate imperfections with TriAcneal: Also paraben-free, TriAcneal is particularly targeted at oily skin with severe imperfections. The press release says it contains efectiose which regulates the influx of irritating substances at the follicle level, glycolic acid which gives a peeling effect and retinaldehyde which regulates the formation of skin flaws and prevents residual marks. This product should be applied to a dry face, avoiding the eye contour and lip areas.

Price: Rs. 1,350 (30 ml)

3. Restore radiance with Avene Cleanance Deep-cleansing Purifying Mask: This paraben-free mask must be left on the face for five minutes, after which you can use it as a scrub by massaging it gently into the skin. Meant to use only once or twice a week, it claims to erase marks, eliminate impurities and tighten pores. The end result should be visibly purified, soft and shine-free skin.

Price: Rs. 1,200 (50 ml)