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The receding winter left me with one last shot at trying a new lip balm to see if it moisturized my moderately dry lips – a sustained problem I face during the colder months in Mumbai.

For some reason, my lower lip is more susceptible to cracking and I wanted to see if VLCC’s Daily Protect Mango Lip Balm really ‘soothes and conditions lips, keeping them soft and supple’.

First impressions weren’t great. The first time I rolled out the stick balm, it got stuck and refused to go back in. There was a strong synthetic scent of petroleum jelly, accompanied by a distinct oiliness as I applied it to my lips. There is definitely a mango scent as well but make the mistake of licking your lips with this balm on and you won’t taste anything remotely mango-like or pleasant – you might as well have coated your lips with Vaseline petroleum jelly.

However, the upper lip responded quite well to the balm, smoothening out nicely in a matter of minutes. But as the day progressed, the VLCC Daily Protect Mango Lip Balm did not succeed in softening the cracks on my lower lip. As always, I had to pull out the dry skin, a rather painful process I had sought to avoid by using the lip balm. Having said that, the balm works well to keep already smooth lips moisturized but the artificial smell is still quite a turn-off.

I can foresee this lip balm working quite well in the summer when my lips behave better, but as far as my expectations from the product went for the winter, this one didn’t work for me.

Product: VLCC Daily Protect Mango Lip Balm

Price: Rs. 49

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