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Reviewed by Ishika Sinha
I have chronically dry skin which suffers from temperamental bouts of oiliness when the weather gets a little damp and hot. As with all moody varieties of skin, no one moisturizer is a perfect fit. I have been a long-time faithful customer of Nivea Nourishing Body Milk for Very Dry Skin and have found that it works much better for my skin than anything else. It has come closest to being a perennial solution than most other body lotions I’ve tried.

Having mostly lived in places which have an incremental range of harsh winters (Jharkhand, Delhi, Midwestern USA), I’ve always wanted a lotion which kept my skin soft during the winter months since the skin usually seems to take care of itself during summers with little help.

I have used a lot of other products, both natural and otherwise, in this frustrating quest. These body lotions were from a range of other companies: Vaseline (Cocoa Glow), Dove, a body butter from Bath and Body Works. Olive oil has also featured in this lookout for the right lotion. While they all had their merits, they don’t seem to have the long lasting effect of Nivea Nourishing Body Milk for Very Dry Skin. The synthetic ones have to be applied several times a day to keep the skin from drying up and olive oil tends to leave oily debris on all my clothes.

While the consistency of the body milk is similar to other body milks, this Nivea product does not make the skin slippery and shiny as some others of the same consistency do. The rich Nivea Body Milk leaves my skin quenched for long hours without making it oily. It is very lightly fragrant and does not assault your senses as some other body milks might. What’s especially remarkable about this lotion is that while it makes my skin soft through the winter, its minimal usage in summers continues to prolong that effect where other moisturizers might make the skin oily. It also suits my skin when I visit very humid places like Kerala and Mumbai, affirming my faith in this aspect of the product.

While it is slightly more pricey than some other products in the market, I find it worth the cost as it seems to give much better results than anything else that I have tried. I find it to be a perfect travel companion.

Product: Nivea Nourishing Body Milk for Very Dry Skin

Price: Rs. 198

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