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Technology enthusiast and former IT professional, Satish Alwani, who moved to Dubai in July as a single resident, depended on his laptop for his daily fix of TV shows and movies. But when his wife joined him in October, he realized it was the end of his bachelor way of life and time he got a proper TV for their home. He bought a Sony Bravia KDL-42W670A. Here’s his review.

Luckily for me, it was during Dubai’s biggest tech fare, GITEX Dubai 2013, that I picked up my 42-inch Sony LCD which meant a better deal than a regular retail buy. Sony has a reputation for producing some of the best electronics in the world, especially in the TV segment, so selecting the brand was a no-brainer. And after having used it, I think it is a brilliant piece of equipment and here’s why:

1) I wanted my new TV to replicate my entertainment setup back home in India, which is a life-sized screen beamed on to a wall with a projector and surround sound speakers. In comparison, the Sony didn’t disappoint at all.

The 42W670A gives excellent sound output without additional speakers and its full-HD display resolution provides amazing picture clarity, sharpness and richness of colours, which make it an ideal entertainment package.

What’s especially interesting is its Motion Flow feature, which ensures that fast-action scenes look natural and fluid without the excessive blurring that’s normally expected during a fast-paced scene. Sadly, the Sony DAV – TZ140 Home Theatre System I purchased with the TV turned out to be a dud.

The TV with a dual-intent table stand, which can also be used as a wall mount, was a breeze to set up. The chromium finish nameplate and table stand along with a black-finish base give it a rich and classy appearance.

2) The television has 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB port and is internet-enabled which lets you enjoy a big screen internet experience. Its built-in WiFi lets you connect to the Internet quickly and efficiently without additional wiring cost.

3) With a decent web camera, those in countries that allow VoIP, can also Skype with friends and family and enjoy an extremely immersive conferencing experience.

4) Additionally, the KDL-42W670A has a screen-mirroring feature, which allows you to view the contents of your smartphone on a big screen. It also has an MHL terminal — using which you connect your mobile phones, tablets and other portable gadgets to the TV — a headphone jack and media streaming functions plus the option to keep extending applications and features.

5) For those too impatient to read an instruction manual, Sony’s inbuilt i-Manual answers any usage-related queries in a pictorial and textual format while you’re still getting to know your TV.

Product: Sony Bravia KDL-42W670A

Price: Rs. 65,900
RealReviews Blogger Satish AlwaniSatish Alwani is a former tech entrepreneur from Mumbai currently based in Dubai. There he works as the production manager at Oasis Jewels, DMCC. In his free time, he likes to catch up on TV shows, movies and tech news.


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