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While at a recent Nikon School seminar with ace Indian photographer and photojournalist Raghu Rai, we met Sajjan Kumar, Vice President – Imaging, Nikon India. A camera enthusiast himself, he was quick to notice our Canon camera setup and teasingly asked when we were switching to Nikon! He even directed his team to make sure we got some Nikon DSLRs to review for our Real Reviews viewers.

Having just finished talking to Rohan Dhawan, Assistant Manager, Sales & Technical Support, Nikon India, about point & shoot cameras, we asked Mr. Kumar whether smart phones with advanced camera capabilities are affecting the compact camera market.

Contrary to our expectations, Mr. Kumar revealed that greater smart phone penetration is, in fact, getting more Indian consumers interested in Nikon’s offerings. Once a user gets the hang of clicking photos on his smart phone, it is only a matter of time before he wants to start taking better photos and turns to a point & shoot or an entry-level DSLR camera.

Also watch the video to hear Mr. Kumar’s views on whether Nikon is losing out by not having a presence in the smart phone category like Sony, and what he thinks about Canon’s growing influence in the category of DSLR filmmaking – although he doesn’t name names!