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Watch as Naqiya Yusuf, founder of Random in Tandem, talks about her label and her design philosophy. We met Naqiya in last week’s QuirkShop at Lager Bay after being drawn towards her stall which stood out for its starkly minimalist creations.

Naqiya characterizes her work as ‘urban décor’ where design and utility meet to cater to the needs of ‘global citizens’. In the video, she shows us some of her creations and talks about what inspires her to avoid kitsch and stick to red, black and white as the dominant colours in her collections.

Words Worth Book Ends from Random in Tandem

The Words Worth bookends are a great gifting option for all those literature geeks out there, although if you’re gonna shell out Rs. 1,550 for these, we hope you don’t earn the salary of an English Lit major!

Cushions from Random in Tandem

Random in Tandem’s cushions are both contemporary and playful, and form a part of Naqiya’s Techno Trance collection which highlights modern society’s utter dependence on technology and its influence on the way we live. Again for Rs. 950 a cushion, they’re a bit on the pricey side but have a unique look that probably worth the money.

Cityscape Magnetic Shelf from Random in Tandem

Our favourite though, was this Cityscape Magnetic Shelf (Rs. 4,250) which Naqiya says doesn’t reflect the skyline of any particular city but is inspired by several major cities of the world. Don’t miss the Apple Inc magnet!

Office Decor from Random in Tandem

There are also various office decor items you can purchase to liven up your desk, including mouse pads, paperweights and storage tins.

Random in Tandem’s collections are available at local shops in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Raipur and Pune. You can also find their stuff at e-commerce websites like Shopo, Hitplay and Bliss.

Contact: or call 98209 01910 for more information

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