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Chicken Soup for the Soul to finally aim for the Stomach with launch of Noodle Soup India articleIt’s as if the marketing division at Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing suddenly ran out of ideas. Or they ordered in during a brainstorming meet and stopped mid-slurp to exclaim – ‘Hey, we forgot about chicken soup! Doh.’

After launching over 200 titles since the first Chicken Soup for the Soul book was published in 1993 and a slew of licensed products such as DVDs, clothing, games, greeting cards, calendars, gift products, pet food and even Bibles, the latest and most obvious product to come out of the company’s billion-dollar stable is simply, soup.

According to the press release, the soup line-up which is set to launch in 2013, will include popular favourites like chicken noodle, creamy tomato, mushroom barley, squash, sweet corn, chipotle and black bean. By 2014, the range is expected to expand to over 100 American comfort foods, including gravies, casseroles and pot pies.

It will probably be several years, if ever, before we get Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods customized for the Indian palette but it would be fun to throw some ideas out there, in case the marketing guys at Chicken Soup are listening… we call for rajma chawal!


(Image Credit: Chicken Soup for the Soul Foods LLC)