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In Week 2, Trupti Roy, who consented to trying out three new fairness face wash brands in the market two weeks ago, used Ponds Pure White Deep Cleaning Facial Foam to see if it really made a difference to her skin.

Firstly, for a fairness product, the grayish black color of the face wash seems a bit odd. Trupti agrees. She also adds that this face wash did almost nothing for her skin, not only in terms of fairness but also in terms of simply cleaning her skin. However, unlike the Fair & Lovely product which dried up her skin, Trupti says Ponds Pure White at least kept her skin’s natural moisture intact. And maybe one week is too short a time to test this particular face wash, she added.

Packaging-wise, the tube that the product comes in may need some working upon too since Trupti says it tends to leak and is therefore not ideal for carrying around in your bag.

Ponds Pure White Deep Cleaning Facial Foam

In the final leg of her adventure, Trupti will be trying out Olay’s Natural White Face Wash which makes a confident claim of removing ‘dirt, dust and makeup’. It could be lucky number three for Trupti. Or maybe not. We’ll find out next week.

Product: Ponds Pure White Deep Cleaning Facial Foam

Rating: 7/10

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