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I didn’t go looking for this one but Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup was a refreshing surprise. This multi-tasker claims to act as a face wash, scrub, face pack, oil remover and spot reducer, all rolled into one!

Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup – that comes out of a turquoise and white tube with a flip cap for the cover – has a creamy texture and is pale blue in colour, coupled with a very pleasing aroma that’s so “Nivea” (reminiscent of Nivea cold cream).

Every time I use it as a face wash, Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup’s granules scrub and exfoliate my face. Some may like this, but I personally don’t want a face wash that I use daily to exfoliate my skin. After all, excessive scrubbing can strip the face of its much required natural oils – and I prefer not to turn my face into parchment paper! At the same time, the days I do want a squeaky clean face, Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup wouldn’t be my first pick. The product’s creaminess fails to achieve the desired result. So, as a face wash, this one doesn’t quite get it right for me.

On the other hand, as a scrub, Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup works like magic. The fine blue granules in the cream gently and effectively remove my skin’s dead cells, leaving it refreshed and supple. Definitely using this as a scrub option!

As a face pack, it works satisfactorily because it’s already served its purpose as a good exfoliating agent. However, I’m more of a natural, homemade face pack kind of person, so I’m not a big fan of this particular use of the product. Yes, there are instant brightening results and my facial skin feels rejuvenated. But that’s really all and I doubt it gives any long-lasting benefits like my homemade face packs.

However, the one thing that bothered me about this product was the spillage. The product sticks to the inner hood of the flip cap or spreads messily around its rim. Whether I’m in a hurry or not, I try to clean it up after every use.

With moderate use (a small dollop) twice or even thrice a day, I’m impressed that a 50 ml tube priced at Rs. 110 has lasted me more than a month, doubling both as a face wash and scrub (I don’t use it much as a pack). Actually, I have a sneaking feeling that all my obsessive-compulsive post-use cleaning has made it last even longer!!

To sum it up, Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup is a wonderful addition to my beauty regimen and a very handy all-in-one product to carry while travelling. And while it works brilliantly as a scrub – maintaining the natural moisture balance in my skin and keeping it clean and fresh – it does only marginally well as a face wash and pack.

Product: Nivea Pure Effect Total Cleanup
Quantity: 50 ml
Price: Rs. 110
Availability: In all leading beauty & chemist stores