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I came upon the Lacto Calamine Moisturising Facewash in my mother’s dresser in Shimla. It turned out to be a freebie with the Lacto Calamine Aloe Vera Moisturiser she regularly uses. While I haven’t seen it in stores anywhere, Google tells me this product has been around for at least two years!

The good:

I initially used it in dry weather, and it didn’t cause my skin to stretch at all. Even in Mumbai – and that too on sticky days – it gave me good results. No greasiness, no dried out skin — this facewash has figured out just the right balance.

Cleans grime effectively and comes off easily.

The grains are fine and soft — you can barely even feel them, but can see them in the grainy texture of the cream — so you get soft exfoliation. Those with sensitive skin like mine can safely use it on an everyday basis without fear of irritation.

It’s got a pleasant smell, too.

And, it’s quite reasonable, at Rs.52 for 70ml.

The bad:

Hard to find in regular stores, at least. Why doesn’t Piramal Healthcare — the parent company — see what a great product it’s got in its lineup and increase distribution?!

Product: Lacto Calamine Moisturising Facewash

Price: Rs.52

Quantity: 70ml