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There are BB creams and then there are CC creams. They look and feel pretty much the same but that’s not the point of this post. Here, two friends with two very different skin types share their experience with the Lakme Complexion Care Cream (Beige).

Since Lakme doesn’t specify which skin type this CC Cream is most suitable for, we can only assume it’s meant for all skin types. But when Mridula, who has unmanageably oily skin and Gauri, who has persistent dry skin that is also acne-prone, tried it out, they had very different experiences to share.

Out of all the claimed benefits of this cream – sun protection with SPF 20, moisturizing, brightening and even skin tone – Mridula highlights one that will possibly make all girls with oily skin sit up. The Lakme CC Cream, she says, normalizes her oily skin drastically all through the day. In fact, on days that she skips it, her skin goes back to being oily and irritable. She’s been using the cream for 2 months.

Gauri, on the other hand, tried the Lakme CC Cream both in summer and winter. While in summer it fared okay, in winter, she says the cream actually highlighted the dry patches on her face.

Watch the video to hear it from the girls themselves!

Product Name: Lakme Complexion Care Face Cream – Beige (30ml)

Price: Rs. 275

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