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A veteran in the audio segment, the Australia-based audio giant RODE Microphones yesterday announced an exciting new stereo microphone called the iXY at the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) at Las Vegas.

Now, we at Real Reviews are big fans of the RODE NTG2 and believe it delivers studio quality sound in most conditions. By creating a stereo microphone exclusively for Apple products, RODE seems to be upping the ante with the iXY.

This microphone for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a 30-pin connector enables high-quality recording at sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz, the only microphone on the market to do so, as reported by Creative Mac.

Yahoo Finance informs that the iXY is built with a matched pair of 1/2″ cardioid condenser capsules placed in a perfect 90 degree ‘near-coincident’ alignment and delivers an incredibly high-quality sound. It reminded us of our other favourite audio equipment, the Zoom H4N. The RODE iXY uses its own high-fidelity analog to digital conversion to ensure that all recordings are rich, smooth and accurate.

For the purposes of outdoor recording, a foam windshield and a rugged zip pocket are included. Endgadget quotes Peter Freedman, RODE’s founder and president, “The audio quality of the iXY is breathtaking and really affirms RODE’s commitment to providing the very best audio products available at a price that’s accessible to the general public.”

As per Yahoo! Finance
, also released with the iXY is the RODE Rec for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which is designed to complement RODE’s new microphone. Paired together, the iXY and RODE Rec transform an iOS device into a fully-featured field recorder.

RODE Rec allows for complete control of the iXY’s continuously adjustable input levels for recording in loud and quiet environments, as well as the high pass filter to cut out low frequency rumbling such as air conditioning or outdoor traffic noises. This makes it the perfect recording instrument to capture live music, meetings, lectures, reporting, dictation and sound design, and also ideal for use on-camera as a dual-system recorder for DSLR.

The RODE Rec App is available from the App Store on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or at the iTunes store. The app provides a full suite of features including multiple sampling rates up to 96kHz, equalization effects (compressor/expander, high-pass filter, low pass filter, parametric EQ), non-linear editing, geo and photo tagging, and one touch publishing to SoundCloud, Dropbox, email, FTP and iTunes. RODE has also announced a feature-limited free version of the app, simply titled RODE Rec LE

To see how what the Rode Stereo Microphone is all about, check out this video.

Product: RODE iXY
Price: Rs. 14,999

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