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I’ve been using Whisper sanitary napkins for as long as I can remember. While it has taken great strides in R&D as far as size and protection go, it seems to have overlooked some very basic, functional aspects. Now while the product has no rival even remotely close, the trust we women place on this product means P&G has a bigger cross to bear. I’m going to do a fair bit of nitpicking on a product I can’t imagine switching away from.

I’m a big woman, broad and heavy. For that reason, the length of Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings – among other varieties the brand offers women with different needs – is just perfect for me.

During the initial days, I even use two pads as a precaution. I choose between the three pack sizes available (of 7, 15 and 30) depending on the flow and frequency of usage. The reverse side of the pack has a picture depicting the advantages of Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings and I would like to share my views on these features.

The green cover:

Every Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings comes wrapped neatly in a thin green plastic wrapping. Though easily detachable, the film of adhesive sometimes tends to pull at the sides of the napkin preventing speedy removal and usage. Or when disposing the pad, the small white adhesive strip doesn’t always stick. I’m not okay with that!

The pad:

Hands down, Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings brilliantly absorbs the fluid and locks it well, converting it into a gel, thus offering long-lasting, dry protection. However, the adhesive behind the napkin varies in strength; sometimes it’s too strong leading to tears when removing the napkin, with bits sticking to the panty line. At other times, the pad lightly sticks to the panty and shifts easily. The utility of this product cannot be stressed upon more strongly and such glitches are icky and unhygienic – not to mention annoying and potentially embarrassing.

Stretchable wings:

The ultra-thin wings designed to grip the panty line are tricky. Place the napkin in a rush and the stretchable wings get distorted or stick to its own edge. Needless to state, the napkin, if not placed correctly, leads to discomfort and stains.

Dri-weave topsheet:

The dri-weave topsheet of Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings is soft and comfortable, and quickly absorbs the fluid. However, slightly prolonged use (over an hour-and-a-half), creates dryness that tends to develop into an itch, leading to a lot of discomfort and irritation. The napkin’s topsheet is so delicate that it sometimes tears off (during a change), leaving the napkin in a mess. This needs to be looked into!

Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings with all its great features comes remarkably close to bringing in that much needed sanity and peace of mind. With a little tweaking by the R&D department at Procter & Gamble, Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings can bridge that small gap to perfection.

Product: Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings

Packs & Price: Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings (7s) – Rs. 80/-

Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings (15s) – Rs. 150/-

Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings (30s) – Rs. 290/-

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