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Hosted by the NGO World For All, Adoptathon is an adoption camp for pups and kittens who have been rescued off the streets.

The primary objective of the Adoptathon, which was held in Bandra last week, is to convince more people that strays are as beautiful as pedigrees and your status as a pet owner will not be affected if you are seen with an adopted street dog or cat.

The venue of the event was consistently packed from 11 am up until 6 pm that Sunday as people poured in, petting the strays, taking photos and many making the decision to adopt. All the pups and kittens at the event were healthy and cared for in foster homes, and put up for adoption so that the foster parents can keep rescuing and providing shelter for more strays. As the foster parents looked on with both pride and a sense of loss, several families and individuals were ecstatic about taking home a new pup/kitten. Check out the video above to see both perspectives. You can also see photos from the event here.

It was especially heartening to see the extreme care with which each adoptive parent was briefed about what steps to take to ensure their pet was healthy and comfortable in a new environment. World For All volunteers collected ID and address proofs of the adopters to conduct a home check later.

The volunteers and rescue workers emphasize the advantages of adopting an Indian breed over pedigree. Indian animals are accustomed to our weather, are hardy and very low in maintenance as compared to any bred dog/kitten. They are also less susceptible to diseases and easy to train. On the other hand, pedigrees are bred in inhumane environments and suffer from various complications due to inbreeding and poor care.

The Adoptathon is only a small example of the kind of ecosystem World For All is creating, where volunteers and rescue workers who take in the animal and nurse them back to health, put up the pup/kitten for adoption into a happy home. Every animal is dewormed and vaccinated while in foster care.

If you’re sorry you missed out on the Adoptathon, World For All is conducting an Adoptathon Hangover to help more pups and kittens find loving homes on Sunday, December 9 from 10am to 6pm at Pet Park, Yari Road, Andheri (West). For more information, call 98200 01506, 98213 27618 or visit