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The Tokina 11-16mm AT-X Pro DX is an ultra wide, fast lens that gives you a constant aperture of 2.8f stops. That makes it a great lens for low-light photography. The lens is designed to fit any Canon or Nikon APS-C (crop sensor) DSLR.

Why did we buy this lens?

We wanted crisp wide angle indoor shots that were hard to get with the Canon EF-S 18-135 mm lens with a minimum aperture of 3.5 f stops. What we were coming back home with was too grainy to be of professional value. With a fixed aperture of 2.8, we reckon, this lens should solve our problem (A review will be up shortly).

We also experienced variation in light when we zoomed in and out on our Canon 7D kit lens, the Canon 18-135 mm, which given Tokina 11-16mm’s fixed aperture, will not be an issue anymore.

Real Reviews: The Tokina 11-16mm At-X Pro DX

You need a Tokina 11-16mm AT-X Pro DX…

>  If you shoot landscapes
>  Are into shooting real estate and architecture
>  Like to do portraiture with a distorted perspective

To check out photos taken with this lens, click here and here.

Product: Tokina 11-16mm AT-X Pro DX

Price: Approx. Rs. 37,000 in India on Approx $500 on

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