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Rahul Agarwal from Daily Objects sent us a fun little device over the weekend – the Elecom USB Desk Fan, which is available on his website and has been selling like crazy, probably because of the summer heat setting in and a very attractive price of Rs. 449.

I was quite excited to try out this product and even contemplated buying one for each desk at our Real Reviews office. However, this fan let me down with its poor functionality. The wind speed is limited and there’s no way to adjust the speed to your liking. It’s a pity because everything else about the fan is great – good design, sturdy and available in a wide range of colours. Also, the fan didn’t consume my laptop’s battery power at an unmanageable rate – something to watch out for while purchasing a USB device that you might want to use while on the move.

Check out the video for a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the Elecom USB Desk Fan.

Real Reviews: Review of the Elecom USB Desk Fan

Product: Elecom USB Desk Fan
Price: Rs. 449
Where to buy:

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