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Champ Alreja, founder of HitPlay, gives Real Reviews viewers a few fun, pocket-friendly gifting ideas for Xmas. HitPlay specializes in cool gadgets and accessories that have utility and are also great conversation-starters.

Real Reviews: Living Bookmarks available at HitPlay

First up, check out Living Bookmarks, which consists of recycled paper embedded with sunflower seeds. Once you’re done with your book, just stick the bookmark in soil and watch the flowers grow. You can buy a set of two bookmarks for Rs. 199 on HitPlay.
Real Reviews: Coffee Break Mug available at HitPlay

The Coffee Break Mug (Rs. 299) has an attached shelf where you can store your snacks so that you can break your diet on the go.


Real Reviews: Key Bottle Opener available at HitPlay

The Key Bottle Opener is made from nickel hardened steel and can be attached to your key chain. It is priced at Rs. 149.
Real Reviews: 6 in 1 Auto Emergency Hammer available at HitPlay

The 6 in 1 Auto Emergency Hammer is actually a very useful gadget which should be in your car at all times. In case of an emergency where you are locked into your car, the hammer will help you break through your window and the cutter will help you tear your seatbelt apart in a matter of seconds. The distress light, a whistle and other useful features make this gadget a practical must-have for a very reasonable Rs. 599.

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